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    • A cross‑sectional study of Colombian University students’ self‑perceived lifestyle 

      Ramírez-Vélez, Robinson; Carrillo, Hugo Alejandro; Ramos Sepúlveda, Jeison Alexander; Rubio, Fernando; Poches‑Franco, Laura; Rincón‑Párraga, Daniela; Meneses Echávez, José Francisco; Correa Bautista, Jorge Enrique; Triana Reina, Héctor Reynaldo
      Abstract Background: The Fantastic Lifestyle Questionnaire was designed for enabling staff working in health sciences and physical activity (PA) areas to measure lifestyles (LS) in the general population. The aim of this ...
       Artículo. 2015
    • The Impact of the FIFA 11+ Training Program on Injury Prevention in Football Players : A Systematic Review 

      Barengo, Noël; Meneses Echávez, José Francisco; Ramírez-Vélez, Robinson; Cohen, Daniel; Tovar Mojica, Gustavo; Correa Bautista, Jorge Enrique
      The FIFA 11+ is a simple, and easy to implement, sports injury prevention program comprising a warm up of 10 conditioning exercises. The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate the impact of the FIFA 11+ on injury ...
       Artículo. 2014
    • The insulin-like growth factor system is modulated by exercise in breast cancer survivors: a systematic review and metaanalysis 

      Meneses Echávez, José Francisco; González Jiménez, Emilio; Schmidt Rio-Valle, Jacqueline; Correa Bautista, Jorge Enrique; Ramírez-Vélez, Robinson; Izquierdo, Mikel
      Background: Insulin-like growth factors (IGF´s) play a crucial role in controlling cancer cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Exercise has been postulated as an effective intervention in improving cancerrelated ...
       Artículo. 2016
    • Vitamin B12 concentrations in pregnant Colombian women : analysis of nationwide data 2010 

      Ramírez-Vélez, Robinson; Correa Bautista, Jorge Enrique; Martínez Torres, Javier; Meneses Echávez, José Francisco; Lobelo, Felipe
      Background: Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with many adverse health outcomes and is highly prevalent worldwide. The present study assesses the prevalence and socio-demographic factors associated with vitamin B12 ...
       Artículo. 2016