dc.creatorCastro, Carlos 
dc.creatorMarín, Nini Johana 
dc.identifier.citationCastro, C., & Marín, N. J. (2014). Stock return comovements and integration within. Bogotá: Universidad del Rosario.
dc.descriptionFinancial integration has been pursued aggressively across the globe in the last fifty years; however, there is no conclusive evidence on the diversification gains (or losses) of such efforts. These gains (or losses) are related to the degree of comovements and synchronization among increasingly integrated global markets. We quantify the degree of comovements within the integrated Latin American market (MILA). We use dynamic correlation models to quantify comovements across securities as well as a direct integration measure. Our results show an increase in comovements when we look at the country indexes, however, the increase in the trend of correlation is previous to the institutional efforts to establish an integrated market in the region. On the other hand, when we look at sector indexes and an integration measure, we find a decreased in comovements among a representative sample of securities form the integrated market.
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dc.sourceinstname:Universidad del Rosario
dc.subject.lembIntegración económica
dc.subject.lembIntegración económica internacional
dc.subject.lembDesarrollo económico
dc.titleStock return comovements and integration within the Latin American integrated market
dc.publisherUniversidad del Rosario
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dc.identifier.editorialEditorial Universidad del Rosario
dc.subject.keywordmarket integration
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