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    • Disentangling the environmental heterogeneity, floristic distinctiveness and current threats of tropical dry forests in Colombia 

      Gonzalez-M, Roy; García, Hernando; Isaacs, Paola; Cuadros, Hermes; López-Camacho, Rene; Rodríguez, Nelly; Perez, Karen; Mijares, Francisco; Castano-Naranjo, Alejandro; Jurado, Ruben; Idarraga-Piedrahíta, Alvaro; Rojas, Alicia; Vergara, Hernando; Pizano, Camila
      Tropical dry forests (TDFs) have been defined as a single biome occurring mostly in the lowlands where there is a marked period of drought during the year. In the Neotropics, dry forests occur across contrasting biogeographical ...
       Artículo. 2018