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    • A Hybrid System Dynamics and Fuzzy Logic Approach to Social Problem of Corruption in Colombia 

      Méndez-Giraldo, Germán Andres; López-Santana, Eduyn Ramiro; Franco, Carlos
      This paper presents a system dynamics approach to the corruption problem in Colombia. The main causes were identified in service systems and their relation to drug trafficking. Each of these problems were modeled following ...
       Libro. 2017
    • A structured review of quantitative models of the pharmaceutical supply chain 

      Franco, Carlos; Alfonso-Lizarazo, Edgar
      The aim of this review is to identify and provide a structured overview of quantitative models in the pharmaceutical supply chain, a subject not exhaustively studied in the previous reviews on healthcare logistics related ...
       Revisión. 2017
    • A Variable Neighborhood Search Approach for the Capacitated m-Ring-Star Problem 

      Franco, Carlos; López-Santana, Eduyn; Mendez-Giraldo, Germán
      In this paper, we proposed an algorithm based on variable neighborhood search (VNS) for the capacitated m-Ring-Star problem. This problem has several real applications in communications networks, rapid transit system ...
       parte de Libro. 2016
    • Colombia will attain a precise knowledge of the costs of diabetes 

      Pinzón, Olga Lucía; Latorre, Catalina; Franco, Carlos; Ortega Guerrero, Marisol
      La planeación financiera y la proyección de costos efectiva permiten un mejor manejo de recursos en los hospitales y un servicio óptimo para los pacientes con enfermedades crónicas como la diabetes. El investigador de la ...
       Artículo. 2020
    • Dynamic inventory routing problem : Policies considering network disruptions 

      Morales, Francisco; Franco, Carlos; Mendez-Giraldo, German
      In this paper, we introduce an inventory routing problem with network disruptions. In this problem, not only decisions on inventory levels and vehicle routing are made simultaneously, but also, we consider disruptions over ...
       Artículo. 2018