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    • 16/6-idiotype expressing antibodies induce brain inflammation and cognitive impairment in mice: the mosaic of central nervous system involvement in lupus 

      Shaye, Kivity; Katzav, Aviva; Arango, María-Teresa; Landau-Rabi, Moran; Zafrir, Yaron; Agmon-Levin, Nancy; Blank, Miri; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Mozes, Edna; Chapman, Joab; Shoenfeld, Yehuda
      Background: The 16/6-idiotype (16/6-Id) of the human anti-DNA antibody was found to induce experimental lupus in naive mice, manifested by production of autoantibodies, leukopenia and elevated inflammatory markers, as well ...
       Artículo. 2013
    • A comprehensive analysis and immunobiology of autoimmune neurological syndromes during the Zika virus outbreak in Cúcuta, Colombia 

      Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Rodríguez, Yhojan; Monsalve-Carmona, Diana; Vega, Daniel; Ojeda, Ernesto; Gonzalez-Bravo, Diana; Rodríguez-Jímenez, Mónica; Pinto-Díaz, Carlos A.; Chaparro, Pablo; Gunturiz, María L.; Ansari, Aftab A.; Gershwin, M. Eric; Molano-González, Nicolas; Ramirez-Santana, Carolina; Acosta-Ampudia, Yeny
      We have focused on the epidemiology and immunobiology of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection and factors associated with the development of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and other neurological syndromes in Cúcuta, the capital of ...
       Artículo. 2017
    • A functional haplotype of UBE2L3 confers risk for systemic lupus erythematosus 

      Wang, S; Adrianto, I; Wiley, G B; Lessard, C J; Kelly, J A; Adler, A J; Glenn, S B; Williams, A H; Ziegler, J T; Comeau, M E; Marion, M C; Wakeland, B E; Liang, C; Kaufman, K M; Guthridge, J M; Alarcón-Riquelme, M E; Alarcón, G S; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Bae, S-C; Kim, J-H; Joo, Y B; Boackle, S A; Brown, E E; Petri, M A; Ramsey-Goldman, R; Reveille, J D; Vilá, L M; Criswell, L A; Edberg, J C; Freedman, B I; Gilkeson, G S; Jacob, C O; James, J A; Kamen, D L; Kimberly, R P; Martin, J; Merrill, J T; Niewold, T B; Pons-Estel, B A; Scofield, R H; Stevens, A M; Tsao, B P; Vyse, T J; Langefeld, C D; Harley, J B; Wakeland, E K; Moser, K L; Montgomery, C G; Gaffney, P M
      Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease with diverse clinical manifestations characterized by the development of pathogenic autoantibodies manifesting in inflammation of target organs such as the kidneys, ...
       Artículo. 2012
    • A latitudinal gradient study of common anti-infectious agent antibody prevalence in Italy and Colombia 

      Pordeus V.; Barzilai O.; Sherer Y.; Luiz R.R.; Blank M.; Bizzaro N.; Villalta D.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Shoenfeld Y.
      Background: Infectious agents are important in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease since they are a major part of the environmental trigger of autoimmunity. A negative relationship between latitude and infectious disease ...
       Artículo. 2008
    • A plausibly causal functional lupus-associated risk variant in the STAT1-STAT4 locus 

      Patel, Zubin H; Lu, Xiaoming; Miller, Daniel; Forney, Carmy R; Lee, Joshua; Lynch, Arthur; Schroeder, Connor; Parks, Lois; Magnusen, Albert F; Chen, Xiaoting; Pujato, Mario; Maddox, Avery; Zoller, Erin E; Namjou, Bahram; Brunner, Hermine I; Henrickson, Michael; Huggins, Jennifer L; Williams, Adrienne H; Ziegler, Julie T; Comeau, Mary E; Marion, Miranda C; Glenn, Stuart B; Adler, Adam; Shen, Nan; Nath, Swapan K; Stevens, Anne M; Freedman, Barry I; Pons-Estel, Bernardo A; Tsao, Betty P; Jacob, Chaim O; Kamen, Diane L; Brown, Elizabeth E; Gilkeson, Gary S; Alarcón, Graciela S; Martin, Javier; Reveille, John D; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; James, Judith A; Sivils, Kathy L; Criswell, Lindsey A; Vilá, Luis M; Petri, Michelle; Scofield, R Hal; Kimberly, Robert P; Edberg, Jeffrey C; Ramsey-Goldman, Rosalind; Bang, So-Young; Lee, Hye-Soon; Bae, Sang-Cheol; Boackle, Susan A; Graham, Deborah Cunninghame; Vyse, Timothy J; Merrill, Joan T; Niewold, Timothy B; Ainsworth, Hannah C; Silverman, Earl D; Weisman, Michael H; Wallace, Daniel J; Raj, Prithvi; Guthridge, Joel M; Gaffney, Patrick M; Kelly, Jennifer A; Alarcón-Riquelme, Marta E; Langefeld, Carl D; Wakeland, Edward K; Kaufman, Kenneth M; Weirauch, Matthew T; Harley, John B; Kottyan, Leah C
      Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) (OMIM: 152700) is a chronic autoimmune disease with debilitating inflammation that affects multiple organ systems. The STAT1-STAT4 locus is one of the first and most highly ...
       Artículo. 2018
    • A polymorphism in the inducible nitric oxide synthase gene is associated with tuberculosis 

      Gómez, Luis Miguel; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Vilchez, José Ramón; Cadena, Jose; Hinojosa, Rosa; Vélez, Luciano; Lopez-Nevot, Miguel Angel; Martín, Javier
      iNOS or NOS2 is a molecule that plays a key role in the immunological control of a broad spectrum of infectious agents. Investigation is hampered by difficulty in estimating in vivo production of nitric oxide (NO), but ...
       Artículo. 2007
    • AB0403 Cigarette smoking and coffee consumption independently influence the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in systemic lupus erythematosus 

      Amaya-Amaya, J.; Pérez-Fernández, J. L.; Molano-González, Nicolas; Mantilla, R. D.; Rojas-Villarraga, A.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Background Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a 50-fold than general population. Traditional risk factors, such as, cigarette smoking ...
       Documento de conferencia. 2013
    • AB0405 Factors associated with lupus nephritis in a highly admixed population 

      Pérez-Fernández, J. L.; Amaya-Amaya, J.; Molano-González, Nicolas; Mantilla, R.-D.; Rojas-Villarraga, A.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Background Lupus nephritis (LN) is one of the most serious complications of systemic lupus erythematous (SLE). Multiple clinical and serological risk and protective factors for LN have been identified in Caucasians.
       Documento de conferencia. 2013
    • AB0421 Cutaneous involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus.a latenttraitanalysis 

      Molano-González, Nicolas; Pérez-Fernández, J. L.; Amaya-Amaya, J.; Mantilla, R. D.; Rojas-Villarraga, A.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Background Cutaneous involvement is one of the most frequent manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE); however ethnicity may influence its prevalence and clinical expression.
       Documento de conferencia. 2013
    • ABIN1 dysfunction as a genetic basis for lupus nephritis 

      Caster, Dawn J.; Korte, Erik A.; Nanda, Sambit K.; McLeish, Kenneth R.; Oliver, Rebecca K.; G'Sell, Rachel T.; Sheehan, Ryan M.; Freeman, Darrell W.; Coventry, Susan C.; Kelly, Jennifer A.; Guthridge, Joel M.; James, Judith A.; Sivils, Kathy L.; Alarcon-Riquelme, Marta E.; Scofield, R. Hal; Adrianto, Indra; Gaffney, Patrick M.; Stevens, Anne M.; Freedman, Barry I.; Langefeld, Carl D.; Tsao, Betty P.; Pons-Estel, Bernardo A.; Jacob, Chaim O.; Kamen, Diane L.; Gilkeson, Gary S.; Brown, Elizabeth E.; Alarcon, Graciela S.; Edberg, Jeffrey C.; Kimberly, Robert P.; Martin, Javier; Merrill, Joan T.; Harley, John B.; Kaufman, Kenneth M.; Reveille, John D.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Criswell, Lindsey A.; Vila, Luis M.; Petri, Michelle; Ramsey-Goldman, Rosalind; Bae, Sang-Cheol; Boackle, Susan A.; Vyse, Timothy J.; Niewold, Timothy B.; Cohen, Philip; Powell, David W.
      The genetic factors underlying the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis associated with systemic lupus erythematosus are largely unknown, although animal studies indicate that nuclear factor (NF)-?B is involved. We reported ...
       Artículo. 2013
    • Abnormality of Oct-1 DNA binding in T cells from Sjogren's syndrome patients 

      Flescher, Eliezer; Vela Roch, Norma; Ogawa, Noriyoshi; Nakabayashi, Toru; Escalante, Agustin; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is an autoimmune rheumatic disease characterized by T cell hypoactivity. To understand the diminished T cell response to activation signals, we measured nucleoprotein DNA?binding activities ...
       Artículo. 1996
    • Absence of a distinctive autoantibody profile in black women with lupus nephritis: comment on the article by McCarty et al 

      Joseph, Jasmine; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Sandifer, Michele; Scopelitis, Eve; Wilson, Wendell; Espinoza, Luis R.
      McCarty and coworkers have pointed out a distinc- tive serologic profile in black women with lupus nephritis (1). We have reviewed the autoantibody profile in 42 of our black patients with systemic lupus erythematosus ...
       Artículo. 1994
    • Accelerated nodulosis and systemic manifestations during methotrexate therapy for rheumatoid arthritis 

      Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Sany, J.; Combe, B; Didry, C; Gutiérrez-Peláez, Miguel
      Objectives: Methotrexate is successfully used in the treatment of arthritis but little is known about its effects on extra-articular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis. We focused this work on the incidence and clinical ...
       Artículo. 1993
    • Acceso a la atención en salud: En busca de la medicina personalizada y el sistema P5 

      Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Una proporción significativa de las personas con necesidades de atención médica no recurren a los servicios de salud, encuentran barreras en el uso de esos servicios, y afirman que su problema no se resuelve, lo que indica ...
       Artículo. 2014
    • Afecciones Autoinmunes endocrinas 

      Rojas M., William; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      En individuos genéticamente predispuestos, se han descrito afecciones autoinmunes en todas las glándulas endocrinas. En algunas enfermedades priman las reacciones citotóxicas, en tanto que en otras la ?siopatología se basa ...
       Parte de libro. 2015
    • An antibody profile of systemic lupus erythematosus detected by antigen microarray 

      Fattal, Ittai; Shental, Noam; Mevorach, Dror; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Livneh, Avi; Langevitz, Pnina; Zandman?Goddard, Gisele; Pauzner, Rachel; Lerner, Miriam; Blank, Miri; Hincapie, Maria?Eugenia; Gafter, Uzi; Naparstek, Yaakov; Shoenfeld, Yehuda; Domany, Eytan; Cohen, Irun R.
      Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) produce antibodies to many different self-antigens. Here, we investigated antibodies in SLE sera using an antigen microarray containing many hundreds of antigens, mostly ...
       Artículo. 2010
    • Analysis of DC-SIGN (CD209) Functional Variants in Patients with Tuberculosis 

      Gómez L.M.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Sierra-Filardi E.; Cadena J.; Corbí Á.; Martín J.
      Several lines of evidence suggest that host genetic factors controlling the immune response influence infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Recently, DC-SIGN has been shown to be the major M. tuberculosis receptor on ...
       Artículo. 2006
    • Analysis of IL1B, TAP1, TAP2 and IKBL polymorphisms on susceptibility to tuberculosis 

      Gomez L.M.; Camargo J.F.; Castiblanco J.; Ruiz-Narváez E.A.; Cadena J.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Genetic determinants of human susceptibility to tuberculosis (TB) have not been completely elucidated. Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1?) and the inhibitor of kB-like (IkBL) are important molecules that participate in the inflammatory ...
       Artículo. 2006
    • Anti-alpha-actinin antibodies are part of the anti-cell membrane antibody spectrum that characterize patients with lupus nephritis 

      Seret, Guillaume; Cañas, Felipe; Costanzo, Laurence Pougnet-Di; Hanrotel-Saliou, Catherine; Jousse-Joulin, Sandrine; Le Meur, Yannick; Saraux, Alain; Valeri, Antoine; Putterman, Chaim; Youinou, Pierre; Rojas-Villarraga, Adriana; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Renaudineau, Yves
      Anti-membrane autoantibodies (MbA) have been reported in sera from patients with lupus nephritis (LN) but the targets of the MbA remain to be explored, which is the aim of the current study. Sera were collected from 40 ...
       Artículo. 2015
    • Anti-CCP antibodies are associated with early age at onset in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 

      Diaz F.J.; Rojas-Villarraga A.; Salazar J.C.; Iglesias-Gamarra A.; Mantilla R.D.; Anaya, Juan-Manuel
      Objectives: To determine factors influencing the age at onset of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methods: A sample of 152 Colombian patients was investigated. Hazard ratios (HRs) that measured the effect size of risk factors ...
       Artículo. 2011