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    • Chile’s Missing Students: Dictatorship, Higher Education and Social Mobility 

      Bautista, María Angélica; González, Felipe; Martínez, Luis R.; Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      Las políticas hostiles hacia la educación superior son una característica destacada de los regímenes autoritarios. Estudiamos la captura de la educación superior por la dictadura militar de Augusto Pinochet en Chile después ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2020
    • Corruption and Firms 

      Colonnelli, Emanuele; Prem, Mounu
      We estimate the causal real economic effects of a randomized anti-corruption crackdown on local governments in Brazil over the period 2003-2014. After anti-corruption audits, municipalities experience an increase in economic ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • Corruption in the Times of Pandemia 

      Gallego, Jorge A.; Prem, Mounu; Vargas, Juan F.
      La crisis de salud pública causada por la pandemia de COVID-19, junto con la subsiguiente emergencia económica y la agitación social, ha empujado a los gobiernos a aumentar el gasto de manera sustancial y rápida. Debido a ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2020
    • End-of-Conflict Deforestation : Evidence From Colombia’s Peace Agreement 

      Prem, Mounu; Saavedra, Santiago; Vargas, Juan F.
      Armed conflict can endanger natural resources through several channels such as direct predation from fighting groups, but it may also help preserve ecosystems by dissuading extractive economic activities through the fear ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018
    • How Do Internal Capital Markets Work? Evidence from the Great Recession 

      Buchuk, David; Larrain, Borja; Prem, Mounu; Urzúa Infante, Francisco
      We study the inner workings of internal capital markets during the 2008–09 recession using a unique dataset of loans between business group firms in an emerging market. Intragroup loans increase quickly during the recession. ...
       Artículo. 2019
    • Killing social leaders for territorial control : The unintended consequences of peace 

      Prem, Mounu; Rivera, Andrés F.; Romero, Dario A.; Vargas, Juan F.
      We study the unintended consequences of the recent peace process in Colombia, that ended over five decades of internal armed conflict with the FARC insurgency. Using a triple differences empirical strategy, we show that ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018
    • Lost in Transition? The Persistence of Dictatorship Mayors 

      González, Felipe; Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      Dictatorships can affect the functioning of new democracies but the mechanisms are poorly understood. We study the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile using new data and provide two findings. First, mayors appointed by Pinochet ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • Patronage and Selection in Public Sector Organizations 

      Colonnelli, Emanuele; Prem, Mounu; Teso, Edoardo
      In all modern bureaucracies, politicians retain some discretion in public em- ployment decisions, which may lead to frictions in the selection process if political connections substitute for individual competence. Relying ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018
    • Productivity and Sectoral Allocation : The Labor Market of School Principals 

      Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      An important question is whether differences in management can explain variation in productivity and whether different compensation schemes and selection policies can impact the allocation of managerial effectiveness. To ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The Evolution of Ownership Structures: Privatization, Business Groups, and Pyramids 

      Aldunate, Felipe; González, Felipe; Prem, Mounu; Urzúa I., Francisco
      What is the contribution of privatization to the formation of business groups and pyramids? We use new data to study how Pinochet’s privatizations in Chile (1973-1990) affected the evolution of ownership structures. Using ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The Geography of Repression and Support for Democracy : Evidence from the Pinochet Dictatorship 

      Bautista, María Angélica; González, Felipe; Martínez, Luis R.; Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      We show that exposure to repression under dictatorship increases support for democracy and contributes to regime change when a democratic window of opportunity arises. Studying the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018
    • The Human Capital Peace Dividend 

      Namen, Olga; Prem, Mounu; Vargas, Juan F.
      A large body of literature has documented negative effects of civil conflict on the educational outcomes of affected children across different countries and historical periods. The opposite is however not obvious. Because ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The internal labor markets of business groups 

      Huneeus, Cristobal; Huneeus, Federico; Larrain, Borja; Larrain, Mauricio; Prem, Mounu
      This paper provides novel micro evidence of labor mobility inside business groups. We show that worker flows between group firms are significantly more prevalent than between unaffiliated firms. We also find that groups ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The Peace Baby Boom: Evidence from Colombia's peace agreement with the FARC 

      Guerra Cújar, María Elvira; Prem, Mounu; Rodriguez-Lesmes, Paul; Vargas, Juan F.
      Se sabe que los entornos violentos afectan las opciones de fertilidad del hogar, la demanda de servicios de salud y los resultados de salud de los recién nacidos. Utilizando datos administrativos con diferencias en ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2020
    • The Privatization Origins of Political Corporations 

      González, Felipe; Prem, Mounu; Urzúa I., Francisco
      We show how the sale of state owned firms in dictatorships may lead to the creation of political corporations operating in democracies. Using several novel datasets, we characterize the privatizations of the Pinochet regime ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018
    • The rise and persistence of illegal crops : evidence from a naive policy announcement 

      Mejía, Daniel; Prem, Mounu; Vargas, Juan F.
      Well-intended policies often have negative unintended consequences if they fail to foresee the different ways in which individuals may respond to the new set of incentives. When widespread and persistent, these may lead ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The Value of Political Capital : Dictatorship Collaborators as Business Elites 

      González, Felipe; Prem, Mounu
      What is the value of political capital for individuals? Towards the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, military and civilian collaborators entered the business elite, controlling the largest and most important firms ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018
    • What predicts corruption? 

      Colonnelli, Emanuele; Gallego, Jorge; Prem, Mounu; Gallego
      Using rich micro data from Brazil, we show that multiple popular machine learning models display extremely high levels of performance in predicting municipality-level corruption in public spending. Measures of private ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019