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    • Differences and homologies of chromosomal alterations within and between breast cancer cell lines : A clustering analysis 

      Rondón-Lagos, Milena; Verdun Di Cantogno, Ludovica; Marchió, Caterina; Rangel, Nelson; Payan-Gomez, Cesar; Gugliotta, Patrizia; Botta, Cristina; Bussolati, Gianni; Ramírez-Clavijo, Sandra; Pasini, Barbara; Sapino, Anna
      Background: The MCF7 (ER+/HER2-), T47D (ER+/HER2-), BT474 (ER+/HER2+) and SKBR3 (ER-/HER2+) breast cancer cell lines are widely used in breast cancer research as paradigms of the luminal and HER2 phenotypes. Although they ...
       Artículo. 2014
    • Identification of novel non-coding RNA-based negative feedback regulating the expression of the oncogenic transcription factor GLI1 

      Villegas, Victoria E.; Rahman, Mohammed Ferdous-Ur; Fernandez-Barrena, Maite G.; Diao, Yumei; Liapi, Eleni; Sonkoly, Eniko; Stahle, Mona; Pivarcsi, Andor; Annaratone, Laura; Sapino, Anna; Ramírez-Clavijo, Sandra; Burglin, Thomas R.; Shimokawa, Takashi; Ramachandran, Saraswathi; Kapranov, Philipp; Fernandez-Zapico, Martin E.; Zaphiropoulos, Peter G.
      Non-coding RNAs are a complex class of nucleic acids, with growing evidence supporting regulatory roles in gene expression. Here we identify a non-coding RNA located head-to-head with the gene encoding the Glioma-associated ...
       Artículo. 2014