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    • Identification of novel non-coding RNA-based negative feedback regulating the expression of the oncogenic transcription factor GLI1 

      Villegas, Victoria E.; Rahman, Mohammed Ferdous-Ur; Fernandez-Barrena, Maite G.; Diao, Yumei; Liapi, Eleni; Sonkoly, Eniko; Stahle, Mona; Pivarcsi, Andor; Annaratone, Laura; Sapino, Anna; Ramírez-Clavijo, Sandra; Burglin, Thomas R.; Shimokawa, Takashi; Ramachandran, Saraswathi; Kapranov, Philipp; Fernandez-Zapico, Martin E.; Zaphiropoulos, Peter G.
      Non-coding RNAs are a complex class of nucleic acids, with growing evidence supporting regulatory roles in gene expression. Here we identify a non-coding RNA located head-to-head with the gene encoding the Glioma-associated ...
       Artículo. 2014
    • Neighboring gene regulation by antisense long Non-Coding RNAs 

      Villegas, Victoria E.; Zaphiropoulos, Peter
      Antisense transcription, considered until recently as transcriptional noise, is a very common phenomenon in human and eukaryotic transcriptomes, operating in two ways based on whether the antisense RNA acts in cis or in ...
       Revisión. 2015
    • Profiling of gene expression regulated by 17β-estradiol and tamoxifen in estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative human breast cancer cell lines 

      Rangel, Nelson; Villegas, Victoria E.; Rondón-Lagos, Milena
      One area of great importance in breast cancer (BC) research is the study of gene expression regulated by both estrogenic and antiestrogenic agents. Although many studies have been performed in this area, most of them have ...
       Artículo. 2017
    • Tamoxifen resistance: Emerging molecular targets 

      Rondón Lagos, Milena; Villegas, Victoria E.; Rangel, Nelson; Sanchez-Corredor, Magda-Carolina; Zaphiropoulos, Peter G.
      17β-Estradiol (E2) plays a pivotal role in the development and progression of breast cancer. As a result, blockade of the E2 signal through either tamoxifen (TAM) or aromatase inhibitors is an important therapeutic strategy ...
       Revisión. 2016
    • Tamoxifen treatment of breast cancer cells : Impact on Hedgehog/GLI1 signaling 

      Villegas, Victoria E.; Rondón Lagos, Milena; Annaratone, Laura; Castellano, isabella; Grismaldo, Adriana; Sapino, Anna; Zaphiropoulos, Peter
      The selective estrogen receptor (ER) modulator tamoxifen (TAM) has become the standard therapy for the treatment of ER+ breast cancer patients. Despite the obvious benefits of TAM, a proportion of patients acquire resistance ...
       Artículo. 2016
    • The role of chromosomal instability in cancer and therapeutic responses 

      Vargas-Rondón, Natalia; Villegas, Victoria E.; Rondón-Lagos, Milena
      Cancer is one of the leading causes of death, and despite increased research in recent years, control of advanced-stage disease and optimal therapeutic responses remain elusive. Recent technological improvements have ...
       Revisión. 2018