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    • Association of nutritional support programs with zinc deficiency in Colombian children: a cross-sectional study 

      Pinzon-Rondon, Angela Maria; Hoyos-Martínez, Alfonso; Parra-Correa, Daniela; Pedraza Flechas, Ana María; Ruiz-Sternberg, Angela María
      Background: Zinc is an essential trace element that plays a key role in the immune, gastrointestinal, respiratory and nervous systems. In Colombia, a vast percentage of children live in low-income households with food ...
       Artículo. 2019
    • Occupational exposures and mammographic density in Spanish women 

      Lope, Virginia; García-Pérez, Javier; Pérez-Gómez, Beatriz; Pedraza Flechas, Ana María; Alguacil, Juan
      "Abstract Objectives The association between occupational exposures and mammographic density (MD), a marker of breast cancer risk, has not been previously explored. Our objective was to investigate the influence of ...
       Artículo. 2018