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    • A fast newton's iteration for M/G/1-type and GI/M/1-type markov chains 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Telek, Miklós; Van Houdt, Benny
      In this article we revisit Newton's iteration as a method to find the G or R matrix in M/G/1-type and GI/M/1-type Markov chains. We start by reconsidering the method proposed in Ref.[ 15 ], which required O(m 6 + Nm 4) ...
       Artículo. 2012
    • A mean field model for an optical switch with a large number of wavelengths and centralized partial conversion 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Van Houdt, Benny
      This paper analyzes an optical switch with centralized partial wavelength conversion by means of a mean field model. The model can be used to approximate the behavior of a switch with a large number of output wavelengths, ...
       Artículo. 2010
    • Algorithm 972: JMarkov: An integrated framework for Markov chain modeling 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Silva D.F.; Góez J.C.; Riaño G.; Sarmiento A.; Sarmiento-Romero A.; Akhavan-Tabatabaei R.
      Markov chains (MC) are a powerful tool for modeling complex stochastic systems. Whereas a number of tools exist for solving different types ofMCmodels, the first step inMCmodeling is to define themodel parameters. This ...
       Artículo. 2017
    • An offline demand estimation method for multi-threaded applications 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Pacheco-Sanchez, Sergio; Casale, Giuliano
      Parameterizing performance models for multi-threaded enterprise applications requires finding the service rates offered by worker threads to the incoming requests. Statistical inference on monitoring data is here helpful ...
       Parte de libro. 2014
    • Artificial intelligence, an inevitable trend which is a challenge to humanity 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Suárez, Dora; Ramírez Peña, Alejandro
      Hoy, como nunca antes, la evolución de la tecnología supone un desafío de grandes dimensiones para las empresas y los gobiernos. Estar preparados y capacitados para su adopción y desarrollo, sin duda, hará la diferencia y ...
       Artículo. 2020
    • Assessing SLA compliance from Palladio component models 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Casale, Giuliano
      Service providers face the challenge of meeting service-level agreements (SLAs) under uncertainty on the application actual performance. The performance heavily depends on the characteristics of the hardware on which the ...
       Parte de libro. 2014
    • Assessing the impact of concurrent replication with canceling in Parallel Jobs 

      Qiu, Zhan; Pérez, Juan F.
      Parallel job processing has become a key feature of many software applications, e.g., in scientific computing. Parallelization allows these applications to exploit large resource pools, such as cloud or grid data centers. ...
       Parte de libro. 2015
    • Assessing the impact of wind variability on the long-term operation of a hydro-dominated system 

      Morillo J.L.; Pérez, Juan F.; Zephyr L.; Lindsay Anderson C.; Cadena A.
      Hydro-dominated systems are characterized by uncertainty on the inflows to the reservoirs. Driven by both technological advances and environmental awareness, the share of renewables in the energy production mix has been ...
       Documento de conferencia. 2017
    • Beyond the mean in fork-join queues: efficient approximation for response-time tails 

      Qiu, Zhan; Pérez, Juan F.; Harrison, Peter G.
      Fork-join queues are natural models for various computer and communications systems that involve parallel multitasking and the splitting and resynchronizing of data, such as parallel computing, query processing in distributed ...
       Artículo. 2015
    • Chisel: Reshaping Queries to Trim Latency in Key-Value Stores 

      Birke R.; Pérez, Juan F.; Mokhtar S.B.; Rameshan N.; Chen L.Y.
      It is challenging for key-value data stores to trim user (tail) latency of requests as the workloads are observed to have skewed number of key-value pairs and commonly retrieved via multiget operation, i.e., all keys at ...
       Documento de conferencia. 2019
    • Cutting Latency Tail: Analyzing and Validating Replication without Canceling 

      Qiu Z.; Pérez, Juan F.; Birke R.; Chen L.; Harrison P.G.
      Response time variability in software applications can severely degrade the quality of the user experience. To reduce this variability, request replication emerges as an effective solution by spawning multiple copies of ...
       Artículo. 2017
    • Defeating variability in cloud applications by multi-tier workload redundancy 

      Birke, Robert; Qiu, Zhan; Pérez, Juan F.; Chen, Lydia Y.
      Workload redundancy emerges as an effective method to guarantee quality of service (QoS) targets, especially tail latency, in environments with strong capacity variability such as clouds. Nevertheless mostly single-tier ...
       Parte de libro. 2016
    • DICE: Quality-driven development of data-intensive cloud applications 

      Casale, Giuliano; Ardagna, Danilo; Artac, Matej; Barbier, Franck; Di Nitto, Elisabetta; Henry, Alexis; Pérez, Juan F.
      Model-driven engineering (MDE) often features quality assurance (QA) techniques to help developers creating software that meets reliability, efficiency, and safety requirements. In this paper, we consider the question of ...
       Parte de libro. 2015
    • Differential approximation and sprinting for multi-priority big data engines 

      Birke R.; Rocha I.; Pérez, Juan F.; Schiavoni V.; Felber P.; Chen L.Y.
      Today’s big data clusters based on the MapReduce paradigm are capable of executing analysis jobs with multiple priorities, providing differential latency guarantees. Traces from production systems show that the latency ...
       Documento de conferencia. 2019
    • Dimensioning an OBS switch with partial wavelength conversion and fiber delay lines via a mean field model 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Van Houdt, B
      In this paper we introduce a mean field model to analyze an optical switch equipped with both wavelength converters (WCs) and fiber delay lines (FDLs) to resolve contention in OBS networks. Under some very general conditions, ...
       Parte de libro. 2009
    • Dual Scaling VMs and Queries: Cost-Effective Latency Curtailment 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Birke R.; Bjorkqvist M.; Chen L.Y.
      Wimpy virtual instances equipped with small numbers of cores and RAM are popular public and private cloud offerings because of their low cost for hosting applications. The challenge is how to run latency-sensitive applications ...
       Documento de conferencia. 2017
    • Dynamic multi-objective planning for distribution systems with distributed generation 

      Morillo, José L.; Pérez, Juan F.; Cadena, Angela. I.
      When planning the expansion and operation of distribution systems (DS), utilities face a complex combination of technical and regulatory constraints, which must be considered together with the influence that investment ...
       Parte de libro. 2014
    • Efficiency analysis in electricity transmission utilities 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Marcucci, Adriana; Pérez, Juan F.; Durán, Hernando; Mutis, Hernando; Taútiva, Camilo; Palacios, Fernando
      n those countries where the electric production chain has been disintegrated, transportation utilities (transmission as well as distribution) are subject to regulation or are under supervised activity. Regulation of ...
       Artículo. 2009
    • Enhancing reliability and response times via replication in computing clusters 

      Qiu, Zhan.; Pérez, Juan F.
      Computing clusters have been widely deployed for scientific and engineering applications to support intensive computation and massive data operations. As applications and resources in a cluster are subject to failures, ...
       Parte de libro. 2015
    • Estimating computational requirements in multi-threaded applications 

      Pérez, Juan F.; Casale, Giuliano; Pacheco-Sanchez, Sergio
      Performance models provide effective support for managing quality-of-service (QoS) and costs of enterprise applications. However, expensive high-resolution monitoring would be needed to obtain key model parameters, such ...
       Artículo. 2014