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    • Electronic structure and magnetism of Mn-doped GaSb for spintronic applications: A DFT study 

      Mesa, Fredy; Seña, N.; Dussan, Anderson; Castaño, E.; González-Hernández, R.
      We have carried out first-principles spin polarized calculations to obtain comprehensive information regarding the structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of the Mn-doped GaSb compound with dopant concentrations: ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2016
    • First-Principles Calculations of the Electronic and Structural Properties of GaSb 

      Castaño-González, E.-E.; Seña, N.; Mendoza-Estrada, V.; González-Hernández, R.; Dussan, Anderson; Mesa, F.
      In this paper, we carried out first-principles calculations in order to investigate the structural and electronic properties of the binary compound gallium antimonide (GaSb). This theoretical study was carried out using ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2016