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    • Lost in Transition? The Persistence of Dictatorship Mayors 

      González, Felipe; Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      Dictatorships can affect the functioning of new democracies but the mechanisms are poorly understood. We study the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile using new data and provide two findings. First, mayors appointed by Pinochet ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • Productivity and Sectoral Allocation : The Labor Market of School Principals 

      Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      An important question is whether differences in management can explain variation in productivity and whether different compensation schemes and selection policies can impact the allocation of managerial effectiveness. To ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The Geography of Repression and Support for Democracy : Evidence from the Pinochet Dictatorship 

      Bautista, María Angélica; González, Felipe; Martínez, Luis R.; Muñoz, Pablo; Prem, Mounu
      We show that exposure to repression under dictatorship increases support for democracy and contributes to regime change when a democratic window of opportunity arises. Studying the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018