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    • Sunlight disinfects? Free media in weak democracies 

      Fergusson Talero, Leopoldo; Vargas, Juan F.; Vela, Mauricio
      Free media may not favor political accountability when other democratic institutions are weak, and may even bring undesirable unintended consequences. We propose a simple model in which politicians running for office may ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2013
    • The crime kuznets curve 

      Buonanno, Paolo; Fergusson Talero, Leopoldo; Vargas, Juan F.
      We document the existence of a Crime Kuznets Curve in US states since the 1970s. As income levels have risen, crime has followed an inverted U-shaped pattern, first increasing and then dropping. The Crime Kuznets Curve is ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2014
    • The environmental impact of civil conflict : the deforestation effect of paramilitary expansion in Colombia 

      Fergusson Talero, Leopoldo; Mendoza Romero, Dario; Vargas, Juan F.
      Despite a growing body of literature on how environmental degradation can fuel civil war, the reverse effect, namely that of conflict on environmental outcomes, is relatively understudied. From a theoretical point of view ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2014
    • The Human Capital Peace Dividend 

      Namen, Olga; Prem, Mounu; Vargas, Juan F.
      A large body of literature has documented negative effects of civil conflict on the educational outcomes of affected children across different countries and historical periods. The opposite is however not obvious. Because ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • The persistent colombian conflict bubnational analysis of the duration of violence 

      Vargas, Juan F.
      The growing empirical literature on the analysis of civil war has recently included the study of conflict duration at the cross-country level. This paper presents, for the first time, a within-country analysis of the ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2011
    • The politics of resource booms 

      Mahmud, Ahmed-Saber; De Luca, Giacomo; Vargas, Juan F.
      This paper develops a simple model to investigate how resource-driven economic booms shape the equilibrium political institutions of resource-rich societies and influence the likelihood of experiencing civil war. In our ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2012
    • The rise and persistence of illegal crops : evidence from a naive policy announcement 

      Mejía, Daniel; Prem, Mounu; Vargas, Juan F.
      Well-intended policies often have negative unintended consequences if they fail to foresee the different ways in which individuals may respond to the new set of incentives. When widespread and persistent, these may lead ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2019
    • Violence and growth in colombia : a review of the quantitative literature 

      Riascos, Alvaro; Vargas, Juan F.
      This is a critical review of the empirical literature on the relationship between violence and economic growth in Colombia: an interesting case study for social scientists studying violence, conflict, crime and development. ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2011