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    • Lymphocyte apoptosis and apoptosis?associated gene expression in Sjögren's syndrome 

      Ogawa, Noriyoshi; Dang, Howard; Kong, Liping; Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Tye Liu, George; Talal, Norman
      Objective . To study the mechanism and regulation of apoptosis in peripheral blood T and B lymphocytes from patients with Sjögren's syndrome (SS). Methods . The mode of in vitro lymphocyte death in the peripheral blood of ...
       Artículo. 1996
    • Sjögren's syndrome comes of age 

      Anaya, Juan-Manuel; Talal, Norman
      Primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is an autoimmune exocrine disease characterized by salivary and lacrimal gland destruction progressing to xerostomia and xerophthalmia (sicca symptoms). Nevertheless, any exocrine as well ...
       Artículo. 1999


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