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Job satisfaction in a developing country: exploring the work-family rivalry

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Gamboa Niño, Luis Fernando
Rodríguez Acosta, Mauricio Andrés
García Suaza, Andrés Felipe



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Universidad del Rosario

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This paper empirically analyzes the relationship between familiar duties and job satisfaction in a developing country by using four different indexes. This analysis includes objective measures and subjective measures from data gathered in Colombia. In contrast to previous literature, objective measures are included through the interactive effects between the family responsibilities variables and the gender. Subjective measures are evaluated using the job-family compatibility perception. Our findings show that women tend to be less satisfied at work as the number of children increases, while men are more prone to satisfaction at work when they are single thus showing the importance given to the use of their own time. It also reveals that job- family compatibility is an important determinant of job satisfaction.
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Job Satisfaction , Familiar Responsibilities , Gender , Job-Family Compatibility , Colombia
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Gamboa, L. F., García-Suaza, A., & Rodríguez Acosta, M. (2011). Job satisfaction in a developing country: exploring the work-family rivalry. Bogotá: Universidad del Rosario.