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Characterising a microsatellite for DRB typing in Aotus vociferans and Aotus nancymaae (Platyrrhini)

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López, Carolina
Suárez, Carlos F.
Cadavid, Luis
Patarroyo, Manuel E.
Patarroyo, Manuel A.



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Non-human primates belonging to the Aotus genus have been shown to be excellent experimental models for evaluating drugs and vaccine candidates against malaria and other human diseases. The immune system of this animal model must be characterised to assess whether the results obtained here can be extrapolated to humans. Class I and II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins are amongst the most important molecules involved in response to pathogens; in spite of this, the techniques available for genotyping these molecules are usually expensive and/or time-consuming. Previous studies have reported MHC-DRB class II gene typing by microsatellite in Old World primates and humans, showing that such technique provides a fast, reliable and effective alternative to the commonly used ones. Based on this information, a microsatellite present in MHC-DRB intron 2 and its evolutionary patterns were identified in two Aotus species (A. vociferans and A. nancymaae ), as well as its potential for genotyping class II MHC-DRB in these primates. © 2014 López et al.
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ADN complementario , Antígeno Hla Dr , Antígeno Hla Drb1 , Antígeno Hla Drb3 , Antígeno mayor de histocompatibilidad clase 1 , Antígeno mayor de histocompatibilidad clase 2 , Hla antígeno clase 2 , ADN microsatélite , Alelos , Célula animal , Aotus Vociferans , Estudio controlado , Secuencia de ADN , Exón , Análisis genético , Genotipo , Técnica de genotipado , Intrón , Mhc Drb Gen , Mhc Drb1 Gen , Mhc Drb3 Gen , Marcador de microsatélite , Evolución Molecular , Filogenia molecular , Árbol filogenético , Ornitorrinco , Alineación de secuencia , Repetición corta en tándem , Aótidos , Repeticiones de microsatélites
Microsatellite Repeats , Histocompatibility Antigens Class Ii , Aotus Vociferans , Aotidae , Short Tandem Repeat , Sequence Alignment , Platyrrhini , Phylogenetic Tree , Molecular Phylogeny , Molecular Evolution , Microsatellite Marker , Mhc Drb3 Gene , Mhc Drb1 Gene , Mhc Drb Gene , Intron , Genotyping Technique , Genotype , Genetic Analysis , Exon , Dna Sequence , Controlled Study , Aotus Nancymaae , Animal Cell , Microsatellite Dna , Allele , Hla Antigen Class 2 , Major Histocompatibility Antigen Class 2 , Hla Drb3 Antigen , Major Histocompatibility Antigen Class 1 , Hla Drb1 Antigen , Hla Dr Antigen , Complementary Dna
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