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    • High plasmodium malariae prevalence in an endemic area of the colombian amazon region 

      Camargo-Ayala, Paola Andrea; Cubides, Juan Ricardo; Niño, Carlos Hernando; Camargo, Milena; Rodríguez-Celis, Carlos Arturo; Quiñones, Teódulo; Sánchez-Suárez, Lizeth; Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
      Malaria is a worldwide public health problem; parasites from the genus Plasmodium are the aetiological agent for this disease. The parasites are mostly diagnosed by conventional microscopy-based techniques; however, their ...
       Artículo. 2016
    • On the evolution and function of Plasmodium vivax reticulocyte binding surface antigen (pvrbsa) 

      Camargo-Ayala, Paola Andrea; Garzón-Ospina, Diego; Moreno Pérez, Darwin Andrés; Ricaurte-Contreras, Laura Alejandra; Noya, Oscar; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
      The RBSA protein is encoded by a gene described in Plasmodium species having tropism for reticulocytes. Since this protein is antigenic in natural infections and can bind to target cells, it has been proposed as a potential ...
       Artículo. 2018
    • Simultaneous detection of Plasmodium vivax dhfr, dhps, mdr1 and crt-o resistance-associated mutations in the Colombian Amazonian region 

      Cubides, Juan Ricardo; Camargo-Ayala, Paola Andrea; Niño, Carlos Hernando; Garzón‑Ospina, Diego; Ortega‑Ortegón, Anggie; Ospina‑Cantillo, Estefany; Orduz‑Durán, María Fernanda; Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
      Background: Malaria continues being a public health problem worldwide. Plasmodium vivax is the species causing the largest number of cases of malaria in Asia and South America. Due to the lack of a completely effective ...
       Artículo. 2018