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    • Are All Resources Cursed? Coffee, Oil and Armed Conflict in Colombia 

      Vargas, Juan F.; Dube, Oeindrila
      The “Resource Curse” posits a positive association between the value of natural commodities and civil conflict. In this paper, we suggest that the value-to-violence relationship differs across commodities, and that the ...
       Pre-print. 2006
    • Beyond divide and rule : weak dictators, natural resources and civil conflict 

      De Luca, Giacomo; Sekeris, Petros G.; Vargas, Juan F.
      We propose a model where an autocrat rules over an ethnically divided society. The dictator selects the tax rate over domestic production and the nation’s natural resources to maximize his rents under the threat of a ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2011
    • Can SMS Technology Improve Low Take-up of Social Benefits? 

      Blanco, Mariana; Vargas, Juan F.
      Low take up of stigma-free social benefits is often blamed on information asymmetries or administrative barriers. There is limited evidence on which of these potential channels is more salient in which contexts. We designed ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2013
    • Can SMS technology improve low take-up of social benefits? 

      Blanco, Mariana; Vargas, Juan F.
      Low take-up of stigma-free social benefits is often blamed on information asymmetries or administrative barriers. There is limited evidence on which of these potential channels is more salient in which contexts. We designed ...
       Artículo. 2014
    • Colombia: Democracy, violence, and the peacebuilding challenge 

      Flores T.E.; Vargas, Juan F.
      After years of painstaking negotiations and political obstacles, the end to the conflict between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government appears irreversible. Daunting challenges to ...
       Artículo. 2018
    • Colombia: Democratic but Violent? 

      Vargas, Juan F.; Fergusson, Leopoldo
      Colombia is a Latin American outlier in that it has traditionally been a very violent country, yet at the same time remarkably democratic. This chapter explores Colombia’s puzzle from a political economy perspective, ...
       Documento de trabajo. 
    • Colombia: Introduction To A Special Issue Of Defence And Peace Economics 

      Brauer, Jurgen; Vargas, Juan F.
      El conjunto de artículos para este número especial de Defensa y Economía de la Paz surgió del período de J. Brauer como profesor visitante de economía en la Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia, en el otoño de 2009, ...
       Artículo. 2012
    • Combatant recruitment and the outcome of war 

      Mahmud, Ahmed-Saber; Vargas, Juan F.
      Why do some civil wars terminate soon, with victory of one party over the other? What determines if the winner is the incumbent or the rebel group? Why do other conáicts last longer? We propose a simple model in which the ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2015
    • Commodity price shocks and civil conflict: Evidence from Colombia 

      Dube O.; Vargas, Juan F.
      How do income shocks affect armed conflict? Theory suggests two opposite effects. If labour is used to appropriate resources violently, higher wages may lower conflict by reducing labour supplied to appropriation. This is ...
       Artículo. 2013
    • Conflict, crime, and violence in Colombia 

      Vargas, Juan F.; Caruso, Raul
      Even by Latin American standards, Colombia is a violent country. It is also an exceptional laboratory for researchers interested in crime, conflict and more generally, in violence. Violence in Colombia is not a recent ...
       Editorial. 2014
    • El conflicto colombiano: ¿quien hizo que a quien? un enfoque cuantitativo 1988-2003 

      Restrepo, Jorge Alberto; Spagat, Michael; Vargas, Juan F.
      Este documento presenta una base de datos construida para analizar el conflicto civil colombiano durante el período 1988-2003. Después de explicar la metodología empleada, presenta la evolución en el tiempo de las acciones ...
       Parte de libro. 2006
    • Corruption in the Times of Pandemia 

      Gallego, Jorge A.; Prem, Mounu; Vargas, Juan F.
      La crisis de salud pública causada por la pandemia de COVID-19, junto con la subsiguiente emergencia económica y la agitación social, ha empujado a los gobiernos a aumentar el gasto de manera sustancial y rápida. Debido a ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2020
    • Costos del Conflicto y Consideraciones Económicas para la Construcción de Paz 

      Vargas, Juan F.
      Los conflictos armados ocurren preponderantementeen países pobres. EL ingreso por habitante y su tasa de creciemitno son dos de las unicas tres variables que aprecen sistematicamente correlacionadas con l aincidencia de ...
       Parte de libro. 2012
    • Does the unemployment benefit institution affect the productivity of workers? evidence from a field experiment 

      Blanco, Mariana; Dalton, Patricio; Vargas, Juan F.
      We investigate whether and how the type of unemployment benefit institution affects productivity. We designed a field experiment to compare workers’ productivity under a welfare system, where the unemployed receive an ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2013
    • Does the unemployment benefit institution affect the productivity of workers? Evidence from the field 

      Blanco, Mariana; Dalton P.S.; Vargas, Juan F.
      This paper studies the effects of unemployment benefit schemes on individual productivity. We created employment and unemployment in the field and compared workers' productivity under no unemployment benefits to productivity ...
       Artículo. 2017
    • Don't make war, make elections : Franchise extension and violence in XIXth-century Colombia 

      Fergusson Talero, Leopoldo; Vargas, Juan F.
      This paper studies the effect of strengthening democracy, as captured by an increase in voting rights, on the incidence of violent civil conflict in nineteenth-century Colombia. Empirically studying the relationship between ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2013
    • Economic shocks and crime: evidence from the crash of ponzi schemes 

      Cortes, Darwin; Santamaría, Julieth; Vargas, Juan F.
      In November 2008, Colombian authorities dismantled a network of Ponzi schemes, making hundreds of thousands of investors lose tens of millions of dollars throughout the country. Using original data on the geographical ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2016
    • Empowering IDP with SMS: a randomized controlled trial in Bogotá 

      Blanco, Mariana; Vargas, Juan F.
      We carried out a randomized controlled trial in Bogotá, the recipient of Colombia´s highest number of internally displaced people (IDP), to assess whether the use of SMS to communicate eligibility to social benefits fosters ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2010
    • Empowering IDPs with SMS: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Bogota 

      Blanco, Mariana; Vargas, Juan F.
      A randomized controlled trial was carried out in Bogota, home to the majority of Colombia’s internally displaced persons (IDPs), to assess whether the use of short message service (SMS) technology effectively informed this ...
       Artículo. 2010
    • End-of-Conflict Deforestation : Evidence From Colombia’s Peace Agreement 

      Prem, Mounu; Saavedra Pineda, Santiago; Vargas, Juan F.
      Armed conflict can endanger natural resources through several channels such as direct predation from fighting groups, but it may also help preserve ecosystems by dissuading extractive economic activities through the fear ...
       Documento de trabajo. 2018


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