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    • Pediatric uveítis : experience in colombia 

      Lonngi, Marcela; Aguilar, María Camila; Ríos, Hernán Andrés; Aristizábal-Duque, Cristian
      Purpose: To describe the clinical features of uveitis in children treated at two ophthalmologic centers in Bogotá, Colombia, in a 13 year-period. Methods: Retrospective observational clinical record review of pediatric ...
       Trabajo de grado. 2016
    • Refractive changes after two years accelerated corneal cross-linking in patients with keratoconus 

      Rosenstiehl, Shirley; Mora, Matilde; Rios, Hernán Andres; Lonngi, Marcela
      Purpose: To describe the visual and topographical changes after accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking (ACXL) in keratoconus-affected eyes. Methods: Clinical records of patients with keratoconus-affected eyes that ...
       Trabajo de grado. 2018


      Línea de atención a estudiantes: (601) 297 0200 opción 3 y 1 I Calle 12C Nº 6-25 - Bogotá D.C. Colombia.