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Technology management system aided by computers into an Hospitalary Information System: 22nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

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Miguel-Cruz, Antonio
Denis, E.R.
Sanchez, M.C.
Serna, J.A.
Cristo, E.B.



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In a modern society there is a constant search towards the end of increasing the quality and bettering the efficiency of medical systems. Although many strategies and experiences have been applied, the optimal model has not yet been achieved. Biomedical technologies include devices, equipment, systems, programs, furnishings, medicines, biotechnologics, and commodities, as well as the medical procedures and surgical techniques used in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness in humans. The application of technology to medicine has played an important role that will continue augmenting medicine in the future. However, the correct functioning of biomedical technology is influenced by many factors, including the interaction of the equipment and the support system of the entire hospital. For this reason it is necessary to focus on technology management in an integral manner, in order that the hospital is more competitive. Here the authors introduce a recommended procedure for the management of the modern hospital. They show the philosophy of the relationship between the different informatic modules of a technology management system into a hospital information system.
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Technology management , Management information systems , Hospitals , Modems , Medical diagnostic imaging , Engineering management , Medical treatment , Medical services , Laboratories , Project management
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