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Business, managers and peacebuilding in Colombia: Findings and challenges

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López-Santamaría M.
Grueso Hinestroza, Merlín Patricia



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Universidad del Zulia


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The enterprise plays an important role in the peace building processes of the nations and for Colombia, this is not an exception; however, the percentage of entrepreneurs who participate in peacebuilding activities is still scarce. In order to deep the above, it was established as the main objective of this research to analyze the notion of peace building in business, using a mixed methodology with a parallel convergent design. In the information collection, documents, articles, surveys and interviews were used and it was processed by quantitative and qualitative techniques. The obtained results shows how the corporative social responsibility can be used as a tool that helps in the process of building peace among other organizational facts, also it's necessary to introduce the diversity management approach in the training process and work context, as well as checking the curricular content of the administration program about the knowledge of historical and socioeconomics conditions of the country. The obtained results lead us to conclude that although nowadays the need of the enterprises participation in peacebuilding processes is recognized, it's still a pending subject in Colombia. © 2019, Universidad del Zulia.
Palabras clave
Conflict , Corporate social responsibility , Participation , Peace , Stakeholders