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Frequency and factors associated with recurrences of ocular toxoplasmosis in a referral centre in Colombia

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de la-Torre, A
Rios-Cadavid, A C
Cardozo-García, C M
Gomez-Marín, J E



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BMJ Publishing

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Aim: To determine the frequency and clinically related factors for recurrences in toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis in Colombian patients. Methods: Cross-sectional analysis based on clinical charts of patients examined during the period of September 2005 to July 2008 at the University medical centre in Quindio (Colombia). Patients with retinochoroidal lesions consistent with Toxoplasma infection were included. Comparisons were made with an index of recurrences adjusted for months of follow-up or of the available data of periods with and without recurrences Results: The clinical charts of 56 patients were analysed. In total, 25 patients (44%) were seen during an active episode, and 31 patients during inactive periods. There were 25 patients (44%) without episodes of recurrence. The total number of recurrences was 80 episodes. The mean number of recurrences was of two recurrences each 11 years. Adjusted recurrences index indicated that the most important factors associated with recurrence were previous therapy with steroids without antibiotics and previous subconjunctival injection of steroids. Conclusions: The use of systemic steroids without antibiotics and subconjunctival injection of steroids were identified as the main factors related to recurrence in this group of patients.
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Prednisolone administration & dosage , Socioeconomic Factors , Toxoplasmosis , ocular
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