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On modeling of logistic overnight in airlines

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Santos F.
ÁLvarez D.
Salazar F.



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Institute of Industrial Engineers

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The present work shows the results of a study that evaluated the overnight operation, using the modeling of air operations where simulation emerges as a tool, consistent with the objective of the organization to achieve better results. The old paradigms air transport issues have worn the new information systems and the need to compensate for supply capacity with demand. Some aviation sector organizations have felt the need to modify their strategic schemes. It is not enough to be part of the market and wait for the opportunities, now, which runs the changes and is innovative in their practices, achieves superior performance in the market. Because of these constant changes, organizations have had to adapt, as in the case of this particular airline, under higher demand stimulated and most comfortable travel plans and innovative, the operations involved in this value chain become more critical, since in the same chain, feels greater dependence and demand in the various logistics operations related to the provision of air service. When viewing this critical chain, there is a need to assess, innovate and improve the most important aspects in the operation.
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Air transportation , Commerce , Logistics , Models , Air operation , Air transport , Aviation sector , Critical chain , Logistics operations , Overnight operation , Services , Supply capacity , Chains , Airport sector , Logistics , Modeling , Overnight operation , Services
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