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Ergonomics principles to design clothing work for electrical workers in Colombia

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Castillo Martínez, Juan Alberto
Cubillos A.



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The recent development of the Colombian legislation, have been identified the need to develop protective clothing to work according to specifications from the work done and in compliance with international standards. These involve the development and design of new strategies and measures for work clothing design. In this study we analyzes the activities of the workers in the electrical sector, the method analyzes the risks activity data in various activities, that activities include power generation plants, local facilities, industrial facilities and maintenance of urban and rural networks. The analyses method is focused on ergonomic approach, risk analysis is done, we evaluate the role of security expert and we use a design algorithm developed for this purpose. The result of this study is the identification of constraints and variables that contribute to the development of a model of analysis that leads to the development the work protective clothes. © 2012 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.
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Article , Bioengineering , Colombia , Electric power plant , Electricity , Equipment design , Hospital service , Human , Protective clothing , Rural population , Standard , Task performance , Urban population , Colombia , Electricity , Equipment design , Human engineering , Humans , Maintenance , Power plants , Protective clothing , Rural population , Task performance and analysis , Urban population , Activity analysis , Design , Ergonomics , Usability , User experience
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