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Paraganglioma cardiaco, reconstrucción coronaria y de grandes vasos : Bogotá, Colombia, 2017 : Reporte de un caso

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Santacruz, Carlos
Altamar Herrera, Javier
Franco Gruntorad, Germán Andrés
Gómez, María


Buitrago Medina, Daniel Alejandro

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Universidad del Rosario

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Resección de tumor cardiaco en paciente de 22 años sin antecedentes, en la fundación Cardioinfantil de la ciudad de Bogotá, de manera exitosa.
Paraganglioma is a tumor of the chromaffin tissue, with a very low incidence reported; The literature available on this subject is limited and scarce. At present there is no anesthetic protocol on the management of this type of tumors. The paraganglioma is a pathology of complex management and difficult to resect depending on its place of implantation. Your attention must be made in institutions of high complexity. The objective was to describe the characteristics and antecedents of a case of cardiac paraganglioma describing its diagnosis, anesthetic objectives and surgical management. Methodology: Descriptive study based on the report of a case; in a 22-year-old woman diagnosed with cardiac paraganglioma. Results: the case is described, its diagnosis and intervention, including the resection of the cardiac tumor that structurally compromised the aorta and the pulmonary artery. The reconstruction of the great vessels is carried out in the procedure, as well as bridges in the anterior descending artery and circumflex artery. The procedure was successful; After her recovery, the patient was discharged without complications. Conclusions: This type of tumors must be managed by interdisciplinary teams and more research is needed for their intervention, as well as the development of guidelines, protocols and clinical guidelines. This report is a contribution to the improvement of clinical practice.
Palabras clave
Paraganglioma , Feocromocitoma
Paranganglioma , Anesthesia , Cardiac tumor , Tumor resection , Coronary reconstruction
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