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Increased efficiency of the dispensing of the surgery room pharmacy

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Urdaneta V.J.G.
Cárdenas E.K.A.



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IEOM Society

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When it is necessary to interact between members of the same organization it is frequent that the average rate of service is very similar to the average rate of arrival, which implies that there will be moments in which the arrivals overcome the capacity of the system, generating delays and discomfort inside the organization. When the internal clients have to attend later to other parts of the organization or to external clients, the problem is still major, since the accumulated delays can be excessive and to affect in a considerable way the final user or the perception that is has on the service. Now then, to offer very high rates of service can lead to unnecessary costs, for what to look for a suitable balance is important. A study of lines of wait in the pharmacy of rooms of surgery I demonstrate the problem, he met moments of high congestion and others very low rates of occupation, for what analyzing costs and the implications that they could present for the delays, one found a solution that allowed to offer a more efficient service without for it one was incurring major costs for the organization. © IEOM Society International.
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Delays , Pharmacy , Rates
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