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Sjögren's syndrome at the crossroad of polyautoimmunity

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Amador-Patarroyo, Manuel J.
Arbelaez, Juan Guillermo
Mantilla, Ruben D.
Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Alberto
Cárdenas-Roldán, Jorge
Pineda-Tamayo, Ricardo
Guarin, Mayra R.
Kleine, Liliana Lopez
Rojas-Villarraga, Adriana
Anaya, Juan-Manuel



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The coexistence of autoimmune diseases (i.e., polyautoimmunity) in Sjögren's syndrome (SS) was investigated in a cross-sectional study involving 410 patients. Logistic regression analysis and the Rogers and Tanimoto index were used to evaluate risk factors and clustering, respectively. There were 134 (32.6%) patients with polyautoimmunity. The most frequent and closer coexistent diseases were autoimmune thyroid disease (21.5%), rheumatoid arthritis (8.3%), systemic lupus erythematosus (7.6%), and inflammatory bowel disease (0.7%) which together constituted a cluster group. There were 35 (8.5%) patients with multiple autoimmune syndrome. Besides disease duration, a history of habitual smoking and spontaneous abortion were found to be risk factors for the developing of polyautoimmunity. This study discloses a high prevalence of polyautoimmunity in SS, its associated risk factors and the grouping pattern of such a condition. These results may serve to define plausible approaches to study the common mechanisms of autoimmune diseases. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.
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Adult , autoimmune , rheumatoid , spontaneous , Antiphospholipid syndrome , systemic , Article , Autoimmune disease , Autoimmune hepatitis , Autoimmune thyroiditis , Cigarette smoking , Comorbidity , Cross-sectional study , Disease duration , Enteritis , Female , Human , Major clinical study , Male , Multiple sclerosis , Pernicious anemia , Prevalence , Priority journal , Psoriasis , Rheumatoid arthritis , Risk factor , Sjoegren syndrome , Spontaneous abortion , Systemic lupus erythematosus , Systemic sclerosis , Vasculitis , Vitiligo , Abortion , Adult , Arthritis , Autoantibodies , Cross-sectional studies , Female , Humans , Inflammatory bowel diseases , Lupus erythematosus , Male , Middle aged , Pregnancy , Regression analysis , Risk factors , Sjogren's syndrome , Smoking , Thyroiditis , Abortion , Autoimmune disease , Multiple autoimmune syndrome , Polyautoimmunity , Sjögren's syndrome , Smoking
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