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Device Validation to Monitor Speed in High Performance Roller Skaters Through the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Wilches-Castellanos P.-A.
Quiroga-Torres, Daniel-Alejandro
Aya-Parra P.-A.
Sarmiento-Rojas J.



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Internet of things technology has grown in recent years. One of the sectors where it has had the greatest reception is sports. In Colombia, for every 61 high-performance athletes there is, on average, one coach. For this reason, the purpose of this work was to validate an intelligent device that enables remote monitoring of the speed of high-performance roller skaters using the Internet of things. The authors equipped professional Luigino skates with electronic instrumentation, with which it was possible to measure a high-performance skater’s linear speed and distance traveled of by means of Hall effect sensors and a magnet. To eliminate false measurements, a distance sensor was also installed in the skate skids to determine when the skate was in contact with the ground. This information was sent to the Internet through the MQTT protocol to a main broker that was responsible for the processing and visualization of the data. The linear velocity was validated at four speeds (0.8, 5, 8 and 10 km/h) using a treadmill. The error of the measurements was between 1% and 5%. © 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
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Biomedical engineering , Biophysics , Data visualization , Monitoring , Rollers (machine components) , Sports , Electronic instrumentation , False measurements , Hall-effect sensors , Intelligent devices , Internet of thing (IOT) , Internet of things technologies , Remote monitoring , Roller skater , Internet of things , Internet of Things , Monitoring , Roller skater , Sports
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