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Public history and collaborative research: Perspectives and experiences for the current situation in Colombia



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Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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The article discusses the tenets of Public History, understood as a modality of historical research and intervention, and points out its relevance for the current political juncture in Colombia. The starting point of the article is the question of how to design research, narrative, and creative strategies that allow for the formulation, development, and dissemination of historical research with the participation of broad and diverse audiences. On this basis, the article offers some proposals aimed at conceiving Public History in relation to the principles and processes of collaborative research, in the context of a dialogue of knowledge Finally, the paper reviews and takes stock of the scope and limitations of some Public History experiences carried out in recent years in Colombia, so as to give an account of the challenges posed by this subfield to the discipline of history. © 2018 Universidad Nacional de Colombia. All rights reserved.
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Public History , Collaborative research , Colombia , Dialogue of knowledge , Memory , Peace
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