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The practice of abduction and its application to the Ongwen’s case

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Buitrago, Lina
Celedón, Fabiola
González, Yuri
Ramírez, Karen
Restrepo, Laura
Rodríguez, Ana Lucía
Villarraga, Luisa



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Universidad del Rosario

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Dominic Ongwen was born in Uganda in 1975. At the age of ten he was abducted by members of the Lord´s Resistance Army (LRA), who trained him to fight against the Ugandan government. 30 years later he became the Sinia brigade’s commander—one of the most important operational units in the LRA hierarchy— and a key element to the leader of the organization, Joseph Kony. The Clinic delimits the object of study to the abductions committed only against children by the Lord’s Resistance Army. The Clinic excludes possible crimes initially considered by the OPCV. The scope of study was defined by the Clinic based on the evidence found in the statements of the witnesses and other data collected from studies in Northern Uganda.
Palabras clave
Secuestro , Dominic Ongwen , Corte Penal Internacional , Estatuto de Roma , Desaparición forzada de personas , Tomar rehenes
Abduction , Dominic Ongwen , International Criminal Court , Rome Statute , Enforced disappearance of persons , Taking hostages
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