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Synchronicity among biological and computational levels of an organism : Quantum biology and complexity

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Maldonado, Carlos Eduardo
Gómez Cruz, Nelson Alfonso



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This paper argues that there is a synchronicity among biological and computational levels on an organism and provides arguments and proofs based on experimental research gathered in the literature. The leading thread is the interplay between quantum biology (QB) and complexity. As the paper asks whether QB does contribute to complexity science (CS), five arguments are provided: (i) Firstly a state-of-the art of QB and its relationship to CS is sketched out. Thereafter, the attention is directed to answering the question set out; (ii) Secondly, it digs into the understanding of life toward deeper levels of reality; (iii) It is shown that non-trivial quantum effects shed insightful lights on the information processing of and within living beings; (iv) Once the distinction is made between increasing levels of complexity and increasing levels of organization, the focus lies in the importance of QB for organization, and not so much for complexity as such; (v) The role of information rises at the center of all concerns, and the intertwining of complexity and information processing. At the end some conclusions are drawn. © 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.
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Computational level , Experimental research , Living systems , Non-trivial , Quantum effects , State of the art , Theory , Biology
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