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Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of neuropathic pain: Consensus of a group of latin american experts

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Acevedo, Juan Carlos
Amaya, Abraham
Casasola, Oscar de León
Chinchilla, Nelson
De Giorgis, Marcelo
Florez, Sandra
Genis, Miguel Angel
Gomez-Barrios, Juan Vicente
Hernandez-Castro, John-Jairo
Ibarra, Eduardo




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These consensus guidelines have been developed by a group of Latin American experts in pain management, to point out patterns and make practical recommendations to guide the diagnosis, identify warning signs (yellow and red flags), and establish comprehensive medical management (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment) and monitoring plans for patients enduring neuropathic pain. From the viewpoint of pharmacologic management, drugs are classified into groups according to efficacy, availability/accessibility, and safety criteria. Drugs are recommended for use depending on the disease and particular circumstances of each patient, with an approach that favors multimodal treatment while taking into consideration the idiosyncrasies of medical practice in Latin America.
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Amitriptyline , Analgesic agent , Buprenorphine , Cannabinoid , Carbamazepine , Cytidine phosphate , Desipramine , Duloxetine , Fentanyl , Fluoxetine , Gabapentin , Imipramine , Ketamine , Lamotrigine , Lidocaine , Methadone , Morphine , Nabilone , Nonsteroid antiinflammatory agent , Nortriptyline , Opiate , Oxycodone , Pregabalin , Thioctic acid , Tramadol , Tricyclic antidepressant agent , Uridine phosphate , Venlafaxine , Acupuncture , Adult , Article , Clinical protocol , Consensus , Controlled study , Creatinine blood level , Diagnostic test , Disease course , Drug bioavailability , Drug dose titration , Drug efficacy , Drug half life , Drug release , Drug safety , Drug tolerability , Edema , Human , Invasive procedure , Low drug dose , Medical expert , Medical practice , Neurologic examination , Neuropathic pain , Pain assessment , Physical examination , Phytotherapy , Practice guideline , Quality of life , Recommended drug dose , Rehabilitation care , Side effect , South and central america , Symptom , Treatment planning , Unspecified side effect , Xerostomia , Analgesics , Humans , Latin america , Neuralgia , Pain measurement , Practice guidelines as topic , Consensus , Guidelines , Latin america , Neuropathic pain