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Tests of cognitive training as archetypes in elderly people: Identifying design categories for cognitive and communicative interaction

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Rojas R., Claudia Isabel
Castillo Martínez, Juan Alberto



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Springer Verlag

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This paper describes the tests were used to identify useful categories to be integrated into an interactive learning test for use in the design of interactive devices for seniors. The inquiry sought to understand from a broad view as they occur in the elderly, some of the cognitive and communicative processes, mainly those in which mediates the interaction with technology. Test of cognitive training used with older adults, they selected taken as a reference two criteria of relevance: first tests aimed at strengthening processes of care and guidance; and secondly, tests have proven to be efficient in activating processes of memory and executive functions, which are directly involved in the interaction with technology. As a result of this process categories are obtained, for the development and evaluation aimed at optimizing interaction processes in older adults. Retained categories were: identify and describe, relate group or associate and work sequences. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.
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Interactive devices , Cognitive process , Interaction , Learning tasks , Older People , User experience , Human computer interaction , Cognitive process , Interaction , Learning task , Older people , User experience
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