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Optimization in the management of time in the emergency service for patients triage 2

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García Urdaneta V.J.
Portilla S.M.
Cárdenas E.A.A.
Cortés V.M.



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IEOM Society

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The demand for emergency services for several years increases faster than the supply of such services, generating increasing overcrowding and difficulties in providing the service. The increase in demand is due to several factors among which it is worth noting, population growth and the misuse of the service by some users who go to their pathology without warrant an emergency. That is why at the Hospital Universitario Mayor (MEDERI) for several years they are conducting research in conjunction with the program Logistics and Productionmanagement of the Universidad del Rosario seeking to generate processes that help improve the timeliness of the service and major optimization of hospital resources hospital-. Not leaving behind the importance of medical criteria and the clinical condition of the patient, which is a priority for the development of various research studies, to be aimed at solving some bottlenecks that can interfere with good service delivery Currently with the difficulties of the health system in the country, it has been an increase in patients with Triage 2. The increase in demand has had a high impact on service times, not being within the allowable limits legally, which in addition to violating the rule can have serious implications in the clinical condition of the patient, since many of them do not arrive in the best conditions and require immediate attention (shortest time) Therefore, with support from caregivers the logistics team suggests mechanisms of control and synchronization services that are proving effective in practice. © IEOM Society International.
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Emergency service , Logistic , Optimization
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