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Identification of conserved erythrocyte binding regions in members of the Plasmodium falciparum Cys6 lipid raft-associated protein family

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García, Jeison
Curtidor, Hernando
Pinzón, Carlos G.
Vanegas, Magnolia
Moreno, Armando
Patarroyo, Manuel E.



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Detergent-resistant lipid raft membrane-associated Pf12, Pf38 and Pf41 proteins belong to the Cys6 family, whose members are implicated in Plasmodium falciparum invasion to erythrocytes. We have analyzed the interaction between 20-mer-long synthetic peptides spanning the entire Pf12, Pf38 and Pf41 sequences and erythrocytes. Eight high-activity binding peptides (HABPs) were identified in these proteins, which presented saturable bindings susceptible to erythrocytes' enzymatic treatment, and ?-turn, random coil and ?-helical elements as principal structural features. Some of these HABPs inhibited merozoite invasion in vitro, suggesting a possible role of Pf12, Pf38 and Pf41 during erythrocyte invasion and supporting their inclusion in the design of a fully effective antimalarial vaccine. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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