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On the dynamics of gasoline market integration in the United States: Evidence from a pair-wise approach

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Holmes, Mark J.
Otero Cardona, Jesús Gilberto
Panagiotidis, Theodore



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This paper employs a pair-wise approach to examine regional integration in the US gasoline market. Using gasoline price data at the state level over a period of more than two decades, we find strong support for the view that the law of one price holds in regional markets, as more than 80% of bivariate price differentials turn out to be stationary. Furthermore, we uncover evidence that the speed at which prices converge to the long-run equilibrium depends upon the distance between states. Asymmetries are also present in this relationship. Our findings suggest that the more similar are states with respect to taxation, gas stations and refining capacity, the faster is the speed of adjustment towards the long-run equilibrium. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.
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Bivariate , Gas stations , Gasoline prices , Law of one prices , Market integration , Pair-wise approach , Panel data , Refining capacity , Regional integration , Regional markets , Commerce , Costs , Integration , Refining , Taxation , Gasoline , Economic integration , Gas supply , Panel data , Price dynamics , United States , Gasoline , Market integration , Pair-wise approach , Panel data , Speed of adjustment
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