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What do we know about strategies to manage dementia-related wandering? A scoping review

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Neubauer, Noelannah A.
Azad-Khaneghah, Peyman
Miguel-Cruz, Antonio
Liu, Lili



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Elsevier Inc

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Three of five persons with dementia will wander, raising concern as to how it can be managed effectively. Wander-management strategies comprise a range of interventions for different environments. Although technological interventions may help in the management of wandering, no review has exhaustively searched what types of high- and low-technological solutions are being used to reduce the risks of wandering. In this article, we perform a review of gray and scholarly literature that examines the range and extent of high- and low-tech strategies used to manage wandering behavior in persons with dementia. We conclude that although effectiveness of 49 interventions and usability of 13 interventions were clinically tested, most were evaluated in institutional or laboratory settings, few addressed ethical issues, and the overall level of scientific evidence from these outcomes was low. Based on this review, we provide guidelines and recommendations for future research in this field. © 2018 The Authors
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Caregiver , Clinical effectiveness , Dementia , Disease association , Evidence based medicine , Human , Laboratory test , Medical ethics , Medical literature , Outcome assessment , Patient care , Practice guideline , Review , Total quality management , Wandering behavior , Aging in place , Dementia , Interventions , Review , Wandering
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