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The Colombian integrated system of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition

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Olasolo Alonso, Héctor
Ramirez Mendoza, Joel M F



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Oxford University Press


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The peace negotiations carried out between the government of Colombia and the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces-Popular Army (FARC) were finalized with the Final Agreement to End the Conflict and Establish a Stable and Long-lasting Peace, dated 24 November 2016. This Agreement is constituted by a complex set of documents consisting of six interconnected agreements on rural reform, political participation, ceasefire and disarmament, illicit drugs, victims and implementation mechanisms, all of which must be read together as an indissoluble whole. The Agreement sets up an Integrated System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition, which establishes the following judicial and non-judicial mechanisms: (i) amnesty and pardon for FARC members and special treatment for state officials; (ii) a Truth Commission; (iii) a Special Jurisdiction for Peace; (iv) measures to provide comprehensive reparation for victims; and (v) other measures, including a Special Unit for Finding Missing Persons as well as non-repetition guarantees. None of these mechanisms can be assessed in isolation. Each element forms part of an attempt to provide a comprehensive response to victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. At the time that this system is beginning to be set in motion, this article primarily aims at describing its multiple elements and their links.
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The peace negotiations , Government of Colombia , Reparation and non-repetition , Conflict in Colombia