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Sieyès: The Spirit of Constitutional Democracy?



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Bloomsbury Publishing

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Luisa Fernanda García López This article is a response to comments on the paper, ‘Constituting the amendment power: A framework for comparative amendment law’ by Thomaz Pereira for the BC-IACL workshop on Comparative Constitutional Amendment (Boston College Law School’s Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, 15 May 2015) . I want to thank Richard Albert for inviting me to participate and promote an academic debate. I would also like to thank Claudia Garcia, Gregory Dietrich, Alexandra Garcia, Esteban Cano, Sarah Miller, and Kevin Vu for their invaluable help and advice in translating this paper. Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès laid the foundations of public law, giving true support to the concept of representation, not only through the election of representatives, but also through the political freedom inherent in the declaration of national sovereignty. Sieyès conceived of constituent power as having three elements: the Tiers État (Third Estate) , the National...
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Constitutional , Democracy , Election
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