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Dynamic cloud regimes, incident sunlight, and leaf temperatures in espeletia grandiflora and Chusquea tessellata, two representative species of the Andean Páramo, Colombia

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Sánchez Andrade, Adriana
Posada Hostettler, Juan Manuel Roberto
Smith, William K.



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Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

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The alpine páramo of Chingaza National Park, Colombia, has a highly variable cloud regime typical of many tropical alpine areas. Yet, little information is available regarding the effects of such dynamic sunlight regimes on alpine temperatures. A close association between changes in incident sunlight and corresponding air (Ta) and leaf (Tl) temperatures occurred in two dominant species with strongly contrasting leaf form and whole-plant architecture. Spikes in sunlight incidence of and gt;3000 ?mol m-2 s-1 occurred during cloud cover and corresponded to increases in Tl of 4-5 °C in a 1-min-interval in both species. Although Tl was predominately above Ta, during the day, depressions below Ta of over 6 °C occurred during cloudy conditions when photosynthetic photon flux density (PFDs) was and lt;400 ?mol m-2 s-1. The greatest frequency (69%) of changes in incident sunlight (PFDs; over 2-min intervals) was less than 100 ?mol m-2 s-1, although changes and gt;1000 ?mol m-2 s-1 occurred for 2.4% of the day, including a maximum change of 1512 ?mol m-2 s-1. These data may be valuable for predicting the ecophysiological impact of climate warming and associated changes in future cloud regimes experienced by tropical alpine species.
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Air temperature , Climate change , Cloud cover , Dicotyledon , Ecophysiology , Solar radiation , Tundra , Andes , Chingaza national park , Colombia
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