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Mammaglobin peptide as a novel biomarker for breast cancer detection

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Galvis-Jiménez, Julie M
Curtidor, Hernando
Patarroyo, Manuel A.
Monterrey, Pedro
Ramírez Clavijo, Sandra Rocío



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Among the different types of tests used for cancer diagnosis, molecular tests have been increrasingly incorporated because of their ability to detect either expression or functional changes in the molecules associated with the disease. Mammaglobin is a protein found in mammary tissue and can be detected in serum. This protein has been proposed as a biomarker to diagnose breast cancer, given that patients exhibit an increased amount of the protein in serum and tumor tissue, in comparison to healthy individuals. The ELISA test was used in the present study to detect mammaglobin in blood samples from 51 breast cancer patients and 51 control individuals. Antibodies against mamaglobin were generated in rabbits by using the following synthetic peptides: A (amino acids 13 to 21), B (amino acids 31 to 39), C (amino acids 56 to 64) and a D peptide, corresponding to the protein isoform without three amino acids (59, 60 and 61 amino acids) from peptide C. All peptides were immunogenic and allowed generation of antibodies that were able to discriminate patients from controls. The best results were obtained for antiserum B, achieving the best sensitivity (86.3%) and specificity (96%). © 2012 Landes Bioscience.
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Amino acid , biological , Antibody , C peptide , Isoprotein , Mammaglobin , Synthetic peptide , Adult , Aged , Article , Blood sampling , Breast cancer , Cancer diagnosis , Cancer patient , Controlled study , Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay , Female , Human , Human tissue , Major clinical study , Sensitivity and specificity , Adult , Aged , Aged, 80 and over , Amino acid sequence , Animals , Breast neoplasms , Case-control studies , Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay , Female , Humans , Immune sera , Mammaglobin a , Middle aged , Peptide fragments , Rabbits , Tumor markers , Biomarker , Breast cancer , Diagnosis , Elisa , Human mammaglobin
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