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Substance P and Calcitonin gene-related peptide expression in human periodontal ligament after root canal preparation with Reciproc Blue, WaveOne Gold, XP EndoShaper and hand files

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Caviedes-Bucheli J.
Rios-Osorio N.
Rey-Rojas M.
Laguna-Rivero F.
Azuero-Holguin M.M.
Diaz L.E.
Curtidor H.
Castaneda-Ramirez J.J.
Munoz H.R.



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Blackwell Publishing Ltd

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Aim: To quantify Substance P (SP) and Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) expression in healthy human periodontal ligament from premolars after root canal preparation with Reciproc Blue, WaveOne Gold, XP EndoShaper and hand files. Methodology: A total of 50 human periodontal ligament samples were obtained from healthy mandibular premolars where extraction was indicated for orthodontic reasons. Prior to extraction, 40 of these premolars were equally divided into four groups, and root canals were prepared using four different systems: Reciproc Blue, WaveOne Gold, XP EndoShaper and a hand instrumentation technique. The remaining 10 healthy premolars were extracted without treatment and served as a negative control group. All periodontal ligament samples were processed, and SP and CGRP were measured by radioimmunoassay. The Kruskal–Wallis test was used to establish significant differences between groups and LSD post hoc comparisons were also performed. Results: Greater SP and CGRP values were found in the hand instrumentation group, followed by the XP EndoShaper, WaveOne Gold and the Reciproc groups. The lower SP and CGRP values were for the healthy periodontal ligament group. The Kruskal–Wallis test revealed significant differences between groups (P  less than  0.05). Post hoc Least Significant Difference (LSD) tests revealed significant differences (P  less than  0.05) in SP and CGRP expression between all the comparisons except for the Reciproc Blue and WaveOne Gold group (P > 0.05). Conclusion: All the root canal preparation techniques tested increased SP and CGRP expression in human periodontal ligament, with hand files and XP EndoShaper instruments being associated with greater neuropeptide release compared to Reciproc Blue and WaveOne Gold files. © 2018 International Endodontic Journal. Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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