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Estructuración de Negocio ICOPINT SAS

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Espitia Rey, Camilo Andrés
Ceballos Escobar, David Mauricio


Alonso, William H

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Universidad del Rosario


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El presente trabajo presenta el proceso de estructuración de ICOPINT SAS, una joven empresa colombiana, comprometida con el medio ambiente que enfoca su operación en brindar soluciones a través de la fabricación y comercialización de pinturas y revestimientos de gran calidad y a precios bastante accesibles para los diversos segmentos poblacionales, gracias al uso de materiales reciclables, garantizando la calidad, acabado estético, durabilidad y protección de estructuras, superficies y elementos industriales de sus clientes.
ICOPINT SAS it´s a Colombian venture in the paint and coating industry with a strong compromise on the environment. Our products offer a wide rang of solutions to enhance the beauty and long protection of the facilities, spaces, structures for home and business. tour history goes back with Miguel escobar who creates a crafted process for painting and coating including recycled materials based on his Architectural career and knowledge. This knowledge was later passed to David Ceballos Escobar, David capitalized this knowledge and included all his experience in the building and Construction sector to set up ICOPINT. The business idea is simple, low cost production of paints and coating that includes in his manufacture process residual material that are highly polluted. The product idea is brilliant, we delivered a high quality product for painting and coating with low cost- through a Colombian Branch that is highly committed to the environment. we want to develop this idea through time and transmit it to the further generations Nowadays David Ceballos Escobar is finishing an MBA, acquiring new knowledge and tools with the idea to generate a long term business plan to guarantee the enhancement of all the variables to take ICOPINT to the next level. Right now we have a formal business but only on paper and we are trying to connect all the dots to become a formal and successful company. The path is clear, ICOPINT is formal since may 2021 and was built only with the manufactured process complete. So we are applying all the knowledge that we acquired through the courses and teachers to consolidated the business idea and futures step knowing that we have a long path ahead The main objective of ICOPINT it´s to become a referent in the Caribbean region of Colombia for Innovation and Sustainability on the Paint and coating Industry. we want that the future of the cities and buildings look better, we want to contributed to the communities and the circular economies using recycling and highly polluted materials and also developing long term relationships with our supply chain. The initial investment / capital was 442 USD that comes from Shareholders private contributions. all the profits go back to the business to support all the process and accelerate the growth that we expected.
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Fabricación de pinturas , Comercialización de pinturas , Pinturas , Idea de negocio
Manufacture of paints , Sales of paints , Paintings , Business idea
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