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Frupy's ArteSano



Pardo Ferrer, Santiago

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Universidad del Rosario


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Frupy's ArteSano es un proyecto de intra emprendimiento que pretende dejar establecido un modelo de franquicia de heladería artesanal y saludable a la marca Restaurante y Heladería Frupy's. A través de diferentes análisis e investigaciones de mercado se establece el modelo de franquicia "Llave en mano" con la cual se busca la comercialización de este modelo de negocio inicialmente en ciudades intermedias de Colombia en aras de implementar un proyecto de expansión que le permita a la empresa diversificar sus ingresos.
Frupy’s ArteSano This intra-entrepreneurship project aims to establish a viable business model to franchise the brand: Frupy's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor through one of its most representative categories; the artisan ice cream parlor. Frupy's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor is a company with 30 years of tradition in the city of Neiva, Huila. It has high local recognition, a varied and innovative offer of fast food products, special dishes a la carte, healthy and vegetarian options, and not least, a wide range of ice cream. It also has a consolidated operation in home delivery service. This makes it an attractive brand with a scalable business model. The objective of this intra-entrepreneurship is to diversify Frupy's income and expand its business model nationwide through a model of artisanal ice cream franchise, for this reason, it is necessary to identify through a transversal diagnosis to the organization its processes and operation manuals allowing to consolidate its brand under a franchise model of easy scalability. The franchise model is a great business opportunity for businessmen and future entrepreneurs. In Colombia there are approximately 600 franchise businesses operating with 1600 commercial units according to Fanyf (Community of Franchises). The gastronomic and ice cream parlor models have an easy scalability expansion under this model, its risk is lower compared to new business models, which is why the Frupy's brand intends to establish an expansion plan aligned to its processes and growth opportunities. To date, the first franchise under the Frupy's brand has not been marketed. However, the company has opened two (2) points of sale as new branches under the same name in commercial premises of approximately 40 m2 in shopping malls in the city. These openings have had an average cost of $80,000,000 cop. Each one includes the acquisition of new, high-performance kitchen and ice cream equipment for industrial processes, as well as the assembly and adaptation of the premises, all of which involves labor, installations and branding. Landing the model to ice cream parlor category, it is estimated that a point of sale in a 20 m2 store could represent an approximate initial investment of up to $40,000,000 cop. I, Dairo Rivera, hope to be the first franchisee of the brand. I would request a loan of $80,000,000 through family, friends or angel investors who want to be part of the project through the modality of convertible notes. Initially as a loan with a rate between 10% and up to 12% E.A. After validating the model and there is the possibility of replicating it in another point of sale or city, the debt could be converted into equity participation for the investor (if interested in this modality).
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Frupys , Heladería artesanal , Franquicia "Llave en mano" , Franquicias , Proyecto de intra emprendimiento
Intra-entrepreneurship , Franchise , Frupys